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Friday, February 26, 2016 A Burton Volunteer Firefighter is in legal trouble after he caused a car crash two years ago.Brian Chenault was heading to direct traffic near the scene of an accident in 2014 when he caused the second crash.

News 3 looks at why his fellow firefighters want the case dismissed, but the D.A. says he was being reckless.

Burton Volunteer Firefighters are coming to the defense of fellow fireman Brian Chenault.

"He'll do anything for anybody at anytime anything to his capability," said Brian Vavrecka, a fellow firefighter who has been friends with Brian since high school.

"None of us would be trying to cause harm to anyone intentionally or unintentionally I mean it was an accident is what it was," he said.

In April 2014, Chenault was on his way to volunteer assisting with traffic at F-M 1948 and 390 in Washington County following a wreck on U.S. 290 that shut down the highway.

"He was passing in a passing zone when somebody pulled out in front of him and he received a ticket and then a year later he was indicted by the grand jury," said Chief Ronnie Stanley of the Burton Volunteer Fire Department.

DPS says he crashed into a car that was also heading north and making a left turn into a private driveway. Both the driver and passenger were injured and witnesses in the accident report say Chenault was driving fast. He also didn't have lights or a siren on.

Burton Volunteer Firefighters tell us the case has been very tough on morale here at the station. They're also worried about future liability when they respond to calls.

James McCune is the now retired Washington County Pct. 4 Justice of the Peace who sentenced Chenault to deferred adjudication for the ticket for failing to pass safely.

He's also the former fire chief.

"I just think it's unfair I think it should be dismissed.... We closed the ticket in June of 2014 and then he bonded out on March of 15 that's almost one year and after his bond he was served papers in a civil suit when he got to the house," McCune said.

Washington County District Attorney Julie Renken tells us she doesn't think the accident was intentional, but reckless.

She says her office is not seeking jail time.

We reached out to Chenault and the victim but neither returned our calls.

Chenault's next court date is set for March 31st.

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