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Sunday, February 28, 2016 At first, it seemed to be a typical run: Portland Fire & Rescue (PF&R) firefighters responded to the report of a house fire at 1831 SE 148th Avenue.Indeed, there was smoke showing from the manufactured home, when the crew of PF&R Powellhurst Station, riding Engine 29, pulled up.

As they walked around the structure doing their “size-up” – an initial evaluation of the situation – they didn’t see any house fire in progress.

“The house wasn’t on fire,” said PF&R Public Information Officer Lt. Rich Tyler.

“There was a fire in the fireplace inside the house,” Tyler told East Portland News. “The odd part of this call was that this house is a boarded up home, and the individuals inside were squatters.”

Thus, Tyler continued, “The fire was legal and safe inside the home, but the squatters were not.”

When a firefighter told the illegal occupants to vacate the home, a fire crewmember was assaulted by one of the occupants.

“The firefighter sustained minor injuries and was transported to an area hospital,” Tyler said.

A police investigation into the assault continues.