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Woman charged with assaulting paramedic - Missouri


Thursday, March 10, 2016 By Regina Wynn Mozino

A West Plains woman, Sheeana D. Collins, 33, is charged with third-degree assault of emergency personnel after knocking an Ozark County Ambulance paramedic against a wall while the paramedic was attempting to assess her condition.

The incident occurred Friday, Feb. 5, when officers from the Ozark County Sheriff’s Department responded to a call in the Tecumseh area about a domestic dispute between a mother and her son. According to the probable cause statement, Deputies Ken Hannaford and Stephen Ator arrived at the residence at 34 Grunion Lane and spoke with the mother of Gary Collins (no relation to Ozark County Eastern District Commissioner Gary L. Collins). She told the officers that her son had kicked in the door of her residence, and she wanted him off her property.

Hannaford said he and Deputy Ator found Gary Collins in a mobile home located on property owned by his mother, Sheena Collins. According to Hannaford, when emergency personnel arrived, Gary Collins was lying on the floor by the bed, passed out and unresponsive. Sheeana Collins was allegedly found lying on the bed and refused to tell the officers what drugs she and Gary Collins had taken. She kept insisting he was fine, according to the statement.

However, Hannaford noted that Gary Collins was unable to breathe on his own when South Howell Ambulance arrived at the residence to take him to Ozarks Medical Center in West Plains.

According to Hannaford, Sheeana Collins became increasingly agitated and reportedly appeared to be under the influence of a mind-altering substance. When the Ozark County Ambulance arrived to assess her, Sheeana Collins went into a crouching position before hitting paramedic Londa J. Hobbs, knocking her into the trailer wall. Hannaford and Ator were able to handcuff  Collins and subdue her.